3 Simple Steps Of Skin Care

We all know that skin care is just about taking care of your skin like cleaning, moisturising and applying skin cream in order to obtain young and healthy skin. The following are 3 basic principles that come together in good skin care.

1. Consuming plenty of water every day to maintain the skin well hydrated. This involves consuming at minimum 2 litres of drinking water on a daily basis, since the body's metabolism requires this specific amount of water to function properly. More water is needed if we engage in strenuous physical activity or work in a physically demanding environment. You can use the most expensive moisturisers you like, if you don't drink enough water, your skin will become dehydrated and no moisturiser or beauty treatment will stop this in the long term.

2. Consuming good quality, natural foods for example fruits, grains, vegetables, some dairy and lean meat, will assist you to provide the skin with the nutrition it requires to maintain performing its crucial functions. Your skin requires vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, etc., to function properly and while some natural skin care products do provide many of these nutrients, there is no substitute for nutrients gained from high quality food.

3. An everyday skin care program that will unblock pores, get rid of dirt and dead skin cells, and also provide nourishment to the underlying, living skin cells, is an essential step to good skin care. Now this regime can be quite simple or more involved.

At its simplest, skin care can involve as little as employing a loofah every day when taking a shower or bathing, to remove the dead cells from your body's outermost layer of skin. Using a loofah not only removes the dead skin cells, but also promotes blood circulation to the outer layers of your skin, providing it with nutrients and oxygen.

Furthermore, make use of a mild, natural, pH-balanced (slightly acidic) soap to keep your skin clean and you're done.

To be honest, lots of people do not even make use of a loofah, and couldn't care less about what sort of soap they use to wash their face and body with. However, more concerned folk, who have an interest in maintaining the health and look of their skin for as long as possible, may be prepared to go a few steps further than that by implementing a good, daily skin care regime utilising natural skin care products. 

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